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Shared Hosting Plans



TZS 50,000 65,000 /per year
Disk Space 1 GB
Bandwidth 10GB
Unlimited Email Accounts



TZS 90,000 120,000 /per year
Disk Space 2 GB
Bandwidth 10GB
Unlimited Email Accounts



TZS 200,000 250,000 /per year
Disk Space 5 GB
Bandwidth 100GB
Unlimited Email Accounts

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Frequently Asked Shared Web Hosting Questions

What is Shared Hosting?

Shared hosting, also sometimes referred to as virtual hosting, is a web hosting environment where each individual hosting account is stored on a single web server. Think of a web server as a very powerful computer loaded with resources.

Is Shared Hosting right for me?

Shared hosting is a perfect platform if you have modest website needs. In particular, this means if you are just starting a website, have a small business website or just run a website as a hobby with minimal resource needs.

The Benefits of Using 6Host Shared Web Hosting

We utilize top-of-the-line servers to power our Shared Web Hosting plans. Each server is optimized for speed and limited to how many clients can operate on each server. We offer a powerful combination of resources, performance enhancements, and limited occupancy.

Which Shared Web Hosting package should I buy?

We highly recommend that you select our Nyasa Hosting package. However, we understand if you're not quite ready for that level of service. To decide between our lower or middle-tier hosting packages, you will want to consider what your resource needs are.